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One Report: Uniting Sustainability and Financial Results

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In this sponsored complimentary briefing, Professor Robert Eccles, Harvard Business School shares research and insight from his book, One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Society. Marcy Brand and Marilee McInnis, Southwest Airlines provide an inside view of implementing combined financial and sustainability reporting.

One Report: Uniting Sustainability and Financial Results
Corporate Perspectives on Integrated Reporting

Robert Eccles, Author, "One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Society" and Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
Marcy Brand, Director of Investor Relations, Southwest Airlines
Marilee McInnis, Communication Manager, Southwest Airlines


Companies and stakeholders worldwide rely on financial reporting processes to communicate the health of a business. Yet financial results do not typically include measures of corporate sustainability, which are usually reported through separate channels. Companies continue to seek effective, efficient, and business value-driven processes for communicating on sustainability. Emerging corporate practices for integrated reporting are addressing this challenge.

In this online briefing you hear from industry practitionersMarcy BrandandMarilee McInnisofSouthwest Airlines, and ProfessorRobert EcclesofHarvard Business School, author, and founding member of the International Integrated Reporting Committee.

Professor Eccles shares his research and insight from his book,"One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Society,"and specifically shares definitions of integrated reporting, the motivations and benefits to report in this way, and business practice trends.

Southwest Airlines produced its first integrated report in 2010 entitled, "2009 Southwest Airlines One ReportTM." Marcy Brand, director of investor relations, and Marilee McInnis, communication manager at Southwest, provide an inside view of implementing combined financial and sustainability reporting including best practices, challenges, and lessons learned.

This online briefing, sponsored by SAP, is designed for executives in finance, investor relations, and corporate sustainability functions.

Key Questions Addressed

These developments represent a new opportunity for corporations and present a number of important questions:
  • How is integrated reporting defined? What does it entail?
  • What are the related standards and standards organizations?
  • What are key corporate drivers and associated benefits for integrated reporting?
  • What barriers exist, if any, to widespread acceptance of integrated reporting practice?
  • Whose job is this? How are responsibilities established?
  • What are the key steps or stages in implementing integrated reporting processes?
  • What are the implementation challenges? Are there tools that can make implementation more successful?
  • What lessons can be shared from companies that practice integrated reporting?


Robert EcclesRobert G. Eccles is a professor of management practice at the Harvard Business School. He is the author of three books on corporate reporting, the most recent one being, "One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy" (with Michael P. Krzus). He has a personal commitment to doing whatever he can through his research, teaching, and collaborations with others to facilitate the rapid and broad adoption of integrated reporting in order to create a more sustainable society.

Marcy BrandMarilee McInnisMarcy Brand, Director of Investor Relations, and Marilee McInnis, Manager of Communication, are key members of the cross-company team that developed Southwest’s first integrated report, the 2009 Southwest Airlines One ReportTM, which can be found at In its 40th year of service,SouthwestAirlines (NYSE: LUV)is the nation's largest carrier in terms oforiginating domestic passengers boarded and serves 69 cities in 35 states.Southwestisalso one of themost honored airlines in the world, known for itscommitment to the triple bottom line of performance, people, and planet. Based in Dallas, Southwest currently operates more than 3,100 flights a day and has nearly 35,000 employees system-wide.

Discussion Moderator

Don BrayDon Bray is co-founder and President of AltaTerra Research. He has led a broad range of market research and consulting engagements in corporate sustainability, green IT, carbon management, and renewable energy systems. He is a frequent author, speaker, and discussion moderator on emerging solutions for energy efficiency and enterprise sustainability. Prior to AltaTerra, Don was a Managing Partner with Accenture. Over 22 years with the firm, he led numerous business consulting and systems integration engagements with leading technology companies, and played an instrumental role in building Accenture’s Silicon Valley practice. Don earned his master's degree in engineering management from Stanford University, and a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of California at Davis.


This is a sponsored briefing that is available at no cost. Sponsorship has been provided by SAP Corporation. Please note registrant contact information will be shared with SAP.

About Briefing Sponsor SAP Corporation

As the world's leading provider of business software, SAP delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation for its customers. Read the 2009 SAP Sustainability Report to see SAP’s financial and sustainability results and understand how SAP enables customers to integrate their own financial, operational, and sustainability reporting with solutions such as SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Performance Management. This solution helps businesses more easily set sustainability goals and objectives, measure and communicate performance, and reduce data collection costs and errors. The application integrates tightly with other SAP Business Suite and SAP ERP Financials software, to facilitate data extraction needed to combine financial and sustainability reporting across the enterprise.

About AltaTerra Research Briefings

AltaTerraAltaTerra Research is a research and consulting firm focused on sustainable business and the enterprise marketplace for clean technology solutions. AltaTerra briefings offer executive-level education in an interactive format, with online slide presentations by qualified experts, followed by an open forum for questions and discussion. They provide a vehicle for communication between attendees, speakers, and analysts, cultivate discussion about published research, and provide catalysts for further research.

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